News - November 2016


  - 15 - 18 November 2016, Aranđelovac (Serbia): Representatives of the Center for Peace Vukovar participated in the 3rd thematic meeting of the regional network of non-governmental organizations from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia. The contents of the thematic documents analyzing the problems of displaced persons and the sustainability of housing solutions within the existing models of housing, and in particular the implementation of the Regional Housing Programme (RHP) were presented during the meeting.

The meeting was organized within the framework of the program "Development of the Civil Society Network in the Western Balkans", implemented by the Group 484 from Belgrade (Serbia) with the support of the OSCE Mission in Serbia.


 - 7 - 11 November 2016, Serbia / Macedonia: PGF Croatia project team, consisted of Milena Babic and Ljubomir Mikic, representatives of the Center for Peace - Vukovar and Sinisa-Senad Music, Sindirela Bobaric and Alen Beganovic, members of the Roma Youth Organization - ROM, conducted a study visit to the partner organizations that implement PGF projects in Serbia and Macedonia.

The study tour began with a visit to the Educational and Cultural Association Romanipen in Kragujevac. The meetings with representatives, members and associates of Romanipen organization were conducted between 7-8 November. Topics of the meetings were PGF support provision to beneficiaries through PGF mechanisms, the role of the partner on the project in reference to the promotion of PGF activities at regional and national level, communication with beneficiaries, PGF support exit strategy and possibilities of cooperation between PGF partners from Serbia, Macedonia and Croatian in the future.

In the second part of the study tour, from 09 to 11 November, visits were organized to three beneficiary organizations of PGF Macedonia in Kumanovo - National Roma Centrum - NRC, Daja and CRZ DROM. The project team visited the partner organization, Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC) in Skopje, where a joint meeting of PGF teams from Croatia and Macedonia was held. The topics discussed during the meeting related to PGF exit strategy, plans for PGF project sustainability, the roles of partner organizations and their activities, capacities and types of beneficiary’s support, as well as the structure of the PGF support mechanisms.

On the last day of the study visit, a meeting was organized in the premises of the InSoC organization (Initiative for Social Change), discussing the topics of opportunities to continue to provide PGF support after the end of PGF project and possibilities of cooperation through regional and collaborative projects in the future.