About us

- Basic information

Center for Peace, Legal Advice and Psychosocial Assistance is a nongovernmental, non-partisan and non-profit civil association, which acts on the protection and promotion of human rights, the rule of law, strengthening of democratic political culture and civil society organizations, improving interethnic relations, international cooperation and sustainable development.

The Center was founded on August 01, 1996 with the support of the humanitarian organization ''OXFAM'' from Oxford (Great Britain), and was registered as a civil association with the State Administrative Office in Vukovar-Srijem County - Department of General Administration on January 16, 1998.

The Center was registered with the Croatian Register of Associations on September 10, 2002 and primarily operates on the Croatian territory.

The office of the Center is in Vukovar, Fra. Antuna Tomaševića 32.

 - The vision of the Center

The vision of the Center is a modern democratic society, a society of rule of law and respect for human rights and values, a society of tolerance and equal opportunities for all citizens, without discrimination on any ground and regardless of national / ethnic, religious, cultural, gender, social or other differences.

 - The aim of the Center

The aim of the Center is building and development of democratic society and sustainable development through:

-    Promotion, development and improvement of human rights and freedoms;
-    Rule of law and combating discrimination;
-    Respect of democratic principles and values;
-    Improvement and respect of the culture of peace and non-violence;
-    Building and strengthening interethnic relations and cooperation;
-    Socio-economic and cultural development of underdeveloped communities and regions;
-    International cooperation and solidarity.

- Activities of the Center

Basic activities of the Center are:

- Free legal aid;
- The right of access to information;
- Prevention and protection against discrimination;
- Protection of the rights of national minorities;
- Other activities in the field of realization and protection of human rights;
- Education for democratic citizenship;
- Promotion of non-violence and peace building;
- Promotion of social solidarity;
- Intercultural dialogue;
- Promotion of good governance;
- Combating corruption;
- Encouraging participatory democracy / participation of citizens in decision-making processes;
- Monitoring public policies and advocacy;
- Development of civil society;
- Community development;
- Public information and the media;
- Other activities in the field of democratic political culture;
- International development cooperation (to democracy, peace and security, human rights);
- International friendship;
- Other activities in the field of international cooperation;
- Education;
- Science, scientific work and research;
- Development of rural areas;
- Sustainable economic development.

The Center implements its activities through projects and programs, which are divided into five interrelated fields of activities of the Center in accordance with its aims:

- Human Rights;
- Democratic political culture;
- International cooperation;
- Education, science and research;
- Sustainable development.

Previous activities of the Center have been carried out through a number of short-term and long-term projects and programs. Project proposals were also adapted to the specific needs identified in the daily work and the implementation of various activities of the Center, and were based on the information gathered, conducted research and analysis, as well as the communication and cooperation with other civil society organizations and other stakeholders. One part of the project proposals was based on the participatory role of the beneficiaries of the Center. Activities have been conducted individually and in cooperation with similar partner organizations from the country and abroad.

Beneficiaries of the Center are all categories of citizens regardless of their gender, culture, language, mental or physical abilities, nationality/ethnicity or religion and other, including a number of partner, cooperating and other NGOs. Center maintains contacts and specifically works with numerous national and international non-governmental organizations, relevant international organizations, state institutions and the media.

The Center is a founder and a member organization of the national Coalition for Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, active since 2000.

- Organizational structure of the Center

The Assembly is the highest governing body of the Center and consists of all regular members. The regular session of the Assembly of the Center will be held at least once a year, while electoral Assembly takes place every two years. An extraordinary session of the Assembly shall be convened at the request of the President of the Center, the Management Board of the Center or 1/3 of the regular membership of the Center.

The Management Board is the highest decision-making body of the Center between sessions of the Assembly of the Center. The Management Board of the Center consists of five members. Management Board sessions are convened when needed, at least once in four months, i.e., at least twice between two ordinary sessions of the Assembly of the Center. The Management Board of the Center consists of the President of the Management Board and four members, elected by the Assembly of the Center for a term of two years, which may be renewed for an indefinite number of terms. The mandate of the current members of the Management Board expires on 24 January, 2017.

Members of the Management Board of the Center:

Mr. Branislav Tekić, President
Mr. Ljubomir Mikić, member
Mrs. Ankica Mikić, member
Mrs. Danka Katanić member
Mr. Saša Bjelanović, member

The President represents and acts on behalf of the Center and is responsible for the legitimacy of the work of the Center. The President is elected by the Assembly of the Center for a two-year mandate, which can be renewed for an indefinite number of terms. In the case of absence or inability of the President, all rights and obligations of the position of the President, i.e. responsibilities and affairs fall under the President of the Management Board. In accordance with the Statute of the Center, the President holds the position of the liquidator of the Center with time-limited duration corresponding to the mandate of the President. The mandate of the current president expires on January 24, 2017.

The President of the Center is Mrs. Milena Babić.

- The Office Staff of the Center

The Center currently employs five (5) persons:

1.    Mrs. Milena Babić, Project Manager
2.    Mr. Ljubomir Mikić, Project Manager and Legal Advisor,
3.    Mr. Branislav Tekić, Legal Advisor,
4.    Mrs. Danka Katanić, Accountant,
5.    Ms. Ivana Juričević, Administrator.

Depending on the specific needs and range of the activities, the Center additionally hires a required number of associates and volunteers.

- Awards and recognitions

For the contribution in resolution and promotion of refugee issues in the region, in 1998, the Center was awarded with the special annual award of the regional weekly “Odgovor” from Belgrade - "EX PONTO".