Project Generation Facility (PGF) is one of the components of the Open Society Institute Initiative “Making the Most of EU Funds for Roma”.
PGF is aimed at facilitating access to Roma and others working for the benefit of Roma community, to the same level and quality of project designing and advocacy opportunities for the use of EU funds, acquired by other applicants.
PGF is a tool intended for potential EU funds beneficiaries lacking in sufficient experience and resources to generate project ideas and draft project proposals.

PGF intends to:
- Increase Roma skills and participation in different phases of drafting and implementation of projects aimed towards Roma community
- Build capacities of Roma human resources in all aspects related to management and implementation of projects aimed towards improvement of Roma situation, financed through EU funds
- Increase the level of participation of members of Roma community in different phases of designing and implementation of projects, in order to ensure their input and ownership over activities aimed towards improvement of their socio-economic situation and position in society.

PGF main activity
is to support development of project ideas into projects, by guiding beneficiaries through the process of preparation and submission of project proposals, in order to increase the likelihood of approval of projects for the benefit of Roma community.
PGF main beneficiaries are Roma organizations competing with projects for EU funds either individually or in partnership with other Roma or non-Roma CSOs, central and/or local authorities, public organizations, international organization and private companies.

Potential PGF support beneficiaries:
- Roma and non-Roma CSOs
- Smaller local self-government units
- Smaller and medium entrepreneurs applying for projects for the first time or occasionally

Other PGF project activities:
- Information on EU and other resources funding opportunities
- Establishment of a sustainable center for PGF support
- Trainings for preparations and implementation of projects for young Roma

PGF in Croatia is implemented by the Consortium selected by the Open Society Institute as a National Partner, consisting of:

Center for Peace, Legal Advice and Psychosocial Assistance Vukovar (CfP)
Roma Youth Organization – ROM
Volunteer Center Osijek Osijek (VCO)

More information at:
Contact: CfP tel/fax: +385 32 413 317 / 413 319 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Project Generation Facility is a component of the initiative "Making the Most of EU Funds for Roma".The project is funded by Open Society Foundations – Budapest